This is the new year

It’s 17 days into the new year and a lot has happened already. The Academy has snubbed several films featuring actors of color. A Kickstarter that I’ve been following since forever ago (and have been obsessively telling everyone about for the past few weeks) got funded in the last few days of it’s campaign. A sequel and/or spin off of the movie Cloverfield was announced out of nowhere. David Bowie is gone, so is Alan Rickman. The election has not started yet and we have one really good candidate, one kind of okay candidate, several dumb ass ones, and an escaped psych ward patient.

So far the year is off to a great start.

In other news, I hope to try to do a few things differently this year as I get reacquainted with college life. Hopefully it goes well when they do happen. 🙂

Jeff (1-17-2016)


So My Journal Lives Here Now

Originally I planned for my Tumblr to hold text posts that I would put in the “Journal” category. I’m kind of worried that I’m going to clog up everyones dashboard due to the long form nature the posts may take. So I’ve decided to move the Journal to WordPress and posting links of it to Tumblr. I’ll still be using Tumblr, I just want to organize my thoughts from everyone else’s is all.

Jeff (1-10-2016)