The Tay Zonday, Quesorito Big Box Tragedy (Or “Think Outside The Basket”)

[This is a weird goddamned post. A little context: I wrote it to alleviate my boredom while doing laundry. Not sure if it was worth it, but whatever here it is. Join me on this bout of madness won’t you?]

I should be asleep. It’s currently 11:10PM and I’m doing laundry. I’m also considering getting food from Taco Bell. Sea World has announced that the current generation of Orcas in their care will be the last and they will be encouraging natural encounters with Orca. That’s good.

It is now 11:30, my typing is getting worse (I just misspelled “typing” (I also misspelled the word “misspelled” how did that happen?)).

I wonder how long it’ll take for my right ear to go partially deaf, and then both ears just go completely deaf. It’s going to be a sad day when that happens.

Brb, going to take my laundry hamper to my room.

Back. I’m most likely going to Taco Bell after I do my laundry. I usually get the Quesorito big box (Quesorito, 2 Doritos Locos Tacos meat and cheese only cuz I don’t know) which they’ve discontinued as a combo item. Why? Why did they do that?

I have been writing a poem that takes place in a diner. Burnie’s Diner specifically. It doesn’t exist to anyone except for me (or maybe it will after I post it somewhere).

Tay Zonday followed me on Twitter recently. I don’t know if that’s an accomplishment or not, but I’ll take it. Thanks for following Tay! Again, I hope I don’t disappoint you with my infrequent tweeting (or infrequent everything).

Some one posted on Fallout Confessions that the BB gun should make a comeback in Fallout 4. I say no. The gun is shit. It does little damage. Why would you want that? Why would you want a gun that is literally a waste of space? I guess you could the modify the gun to shoot different types of bullets, but then why not just get another gun? I don’t know.

I came up with a title for this thing: “The Tay Zonday Quesorito Big Box Tragedy”. It sounds like a mystery novel. I love it.

About five minutes before my laundry is done. I’m hoping none of it is wet when I take it out (I misspelled “none” (and misspelled “misspelled” AGAIN)).

I hope this isn’t confusing anyone.

Everything is dry! YES! Gonna celebrate with some Taco Bell (new title: “Think Outside the Basket”)!!

Jeff Rodgers (3-18-2016)

Listen to Boxplot’s “Escape With The Clouds” while driving. It’ll make you want to go fast. Like stupid fast. Like Sanic the Hedgehog fast. Actually no, don’t do that. It’s against the law to go that fast.


Dear Jake: The Concept of Originality

Recently Jake Roper from Vsauce made a video about a problem he has had this past week. A little while ago CGP Grey made a video on teleportation and self identity (which is really good). Jake, for several months, has been working on a video involving paradoxes that involves both self identity and teleportation as well (also really good). Both videos also involve a paradox involving a ship called Theseus (which I will not explain, for the videos have already done so). When Grey’s video was released Jake had stopped working on his video, unsure of what to do. He has uploaded a video asking his fans what to do. Grey and many other people have responded to the video encouraging him to upload.

I have left my two cents on the issue on Jake’s video, but I’d like to add a little more change to this for a moment.

Originality is dead. Or, to put it another way, it hasn’t existed at all. Much of human history is built off of ideas from the last generation of humans. To use the over done analogy of the caveman and the wheel; without the wheel, we would not have carts, then we wouldn’t have carriages, then cars, then jeeps, vans, trucks, tractors, airplanes, trains, skateboards, motorcycles, those wheely thrash cans, those office chairs that we love/hate/need all the time, those stupid hoverboards, those boosted boards Casey rides, and on, and on, and on. A long time ago he Japanese borrowed their writing system from China. Mesoamericans (Aztecs, the Maya, Teotihuacanos) traded materials with each other and did similar things with them. One main thing they did a lot was play a game involving a ball and two hoops (known as basket-football according to the film Road to El Dorado).

Originality isn’t something that can be fully attained. Someone somewhere has come to the same conclusion, made the same thing, said the same thing, killed the same thing, banged the same thing, butchered it, cooked it, ate it, pooped it out, threw it up, threw it away, flushed it down the toilet, sent it out to sea, had never heard from it again, reconnected after so long, married, divorced, went to court, got half, then half of that half, fought for custody, lost, fought again, couldn’t afford it anymore, went to it’s house and murdered it, well now you’ve gone and done it, drove out in the middle of buttfuck nowhere and buried it, it rose from the dead, now you gotta kill it again, chop it’s head off then get back to me, good job, you did it, well done, now bury it real deep this time, then grab all your things and move to the Bahamas, and we’ll never speak of this again.


Jeff (3-8-2016)

Jake has uploaded the video, it’s still really good. Go watch it.

Another thing to note is that, while both videos have several similarities, Grey’s video focuses on Star Trek technology and the risk around it whereas Jake explores multiple paradoxes. Would’ve added it to the post, but it’s here now.