Can’t Sleep Again (The Sequel to Tay Zonday)

Good evening.

As the title suggests: I cannot sleep again. It’s too hot in my room, or at least in my bed. I’ve had two glasses of water and my stomach was also making the rumblies a minute ago. I may need to eat the last of my ramen noodles. Send help. I repeat. send help.

I’m kidding of course. I think I’ll be fine. I’ve managed to live thus far with nothing more than my imaginary friends, a bottle of coke and a PS2.

Bad sounds are coming from the outside. It’s probably the thunderstorm approaching. There is supposed to be Cardinals game tomorrow (or today since at the time of writing it is twenty-three minutes after midnight) and the game may be rained out because of the impending weather. This could be a blessing in disguise since I have to study for finals.

In other news, Tay Zonday still follows me on Twitter. That’s a good sign. I shouldn’t keep mentioning it otherwise it will suddenly become not true. Let’s move on.

I finished reading Kurt Vonnegut’s Timequake and it was really fantastic. It was as if I was inside his subconscious, exploring his thoughts and memories. It was beautiful. Now I want to read Slaughterhouse Five. I have to sleep though. Fuck!

Eh, whatever. This post will be uploaded later in the morning. Let the record show that I am going to sleep at 1:35 in the AM.

Jeff Rodgers (5-30-2016)


April 8, 2016

I fucked up a little while ago, but I don’t think anyone would’ve noticed (or cared for that matter). I tweeted about National Poetry Month and posted Part 1 of Burnie’s Diner on Facebook (why) in March. I thought that National Poetry Month was March when it is in fact in April. Cool.

In other news, I am going to an event at Ikea which may give me a chance to get a job (“Finally!” I can hear my dad saying). I actually enjoy being in Ikea, the way they organize everything in the store is impeccable. That and they supposedly have the future of light up produce somewhere.

I recently took some food back to my dorm. Normally I wouldn’t do that sort of thing but I didn’t feel like being around many people for some reason. As I was walking I remembered something that happened a few years ago. I was at a friends high school graduation walking from a restaurant carrying leftovers when a guy offered money for the food. I declined, but looking back I kind of feel bad. I declined mostly out of fear and confusion. There were a lot of people between me and where I was going and I didn’t want to impede any processes that might’ve involved me. Looking back though the guy was offering $50 for the food, which meant that he could’ve bought food anyway regardless of whether I had leftovers or not. I don’t know. I probably would’ve given it to him just to get rid of the food.

A notebook that I lost a month or two has returned which is fucking sweet. The only problem is that I have a new notebook that I bought when the first one was lost. I guess I could just keep the notebook for anything that I’ve written in it that I might need and just keep using the new notebook for now. Still it’s nice to get something back for once.

I’m slowly working on Burnie’s Diner (the poem that I mentioned earlier) and I hope to get it done sometime before the end of April. I hope.

Jeff Rodgers (4-9-2016)