I took a long shower and still feel dirty

Hey! It’s Jeff, the guy that wrote this. Even if you don’t make it as far as this paragraph please share with someone that needs something to cheer them up and tell them that everything will be okay. The Huffington Post posted an article that outlines resources for those who are overwhelmed, scared, or otherwise confused by the election that can be used to help support and maintain our established communities in this weird time we find ourselves in. Click on the word ‘LOVE‘ to see the article, otherwise read on and hear my stance on the matter.

I woke up this morning forgetting that Trump had won. At around one in the morning my dad had texted me saying that Clinton had lost. In the moments (or hours I guess) after receiving that text I couldn’t sleep. When I woke up I felt everything was normal until I looked up the results. I wish I didn’t see who won but I had to. My response to my dad’s text, which will probably be the title of my mixed emotional cry into the technological abyss, went as follows: “I took a long shower and I still feel dirty”

I’m currently enrolled at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville (SIUe) where there are a variety of students and faculty from different backgrounds, different beliefs. I looked around at the people walking around on this cold November morning and saw faces that showed different variations of scared and tired. In my English class there was a girl who sat parallel with me. We looked and silently acknowledged one another; my hands shaking while I held a pencil, her eyes shrouded in red, both of us scared as hell of what’s to come.

There are many people in this country and abroad that will be going through the various stages of grief and loss. From denial and bargaining to yelling and sobbing. If there’s one thing I know it’s this: People experience joy to varying degrees but everyone suffers. People will have ways of coping with it. In an event that one is in danger the first thing that the body does is release any waste that the body has at the time. During an elevator ride up to my English class I shit myself just as I reached my floor. It wasn’t that big of a mess and it didn’t seep through my jeans. All I did was take off my underwear and went commando. Main point: It’s not the end of the world. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

Be angry, throw shade, yell, kick, scream, blame whoever you want, but find some way to keep your head held high and avoid violence (against yourself or other people), then tell others to do the same because, despite what it might seem, this will not last forever. This will all end. It may be a long time before it ends but it will end. We just need to support one another and help get through this as painlessly as possible. When the pain is over, I assure you, we will be much better off than where we are right now.

Once it’s all over I’ll quote a long-out-of-print science fiction writer and say: “You were sick and now you’re well and there’s work to do!”

Jeff Rodgers (11-9-2016)

If you’ve made it this far I urge you further to share this with anyone you feel needs another perspective, or just a little pick me up. It’s not much, but it’s my way of coping with this. I hope you all are safe and are feeling okay in this timultuous time.