2017 is the year I make stuff, for realsies (quick update)

This is a very quick update in the middle of the night. My hope this year is to make whatever catches my fancy whether it be video, image, prose, whatever I feel like making Imma make it. This new goal is going well so far. I uploaded two videos to my YouTube channel; one a montage, the other a…..skit I suppose. I’ll probably make more as time goes on.

I am working on a written story that is a little bit like “The Thing” mixed with “Cannibal Holocaust” (At least that’s what I want it to be). It’s going rather well, if I do say so myself, hopefully I can muster enough courage to give anyone reading this a preview of it.

That’s it really. Have a good night, stay optimistic!

Jeff Rodgers (3-2-2017)


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