Let’s Introduce Ourselves

I’ve decided that I’m going to categorize my old posts under ‘old stuff’ in case some people are curious and want to read my older stuff. Not sure who would want to do that.

Since I’m starting a new chapter here on this blog I figured that maybe we should have an introduction. Well, I should at least. You don’t have to do anything. Let’s get started:

My name is Jeff Rodgers. I am a 22 year old college student based out of Illinois. I was born on October 7, 1995 at around 10:45PM at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield. I graduated from Glenwood High School in Chatham. I am currently studying English, particularly creative writing, at SIUe.

Hm…I feel like I’ve revealed too much already. Plus reading it back I feel that it reads like a resume. Eh, I’m gonna keep going.

I have Asperger’s Syndrome, which means I’m on the autism spectrum. A long time ago my dad told me that I should mention this more when meeting new people so here we are. It’s something that you don’t really see at a glance, but once you’ve been around me long enough you’ll start to see it. Though I’m sure it’ll never come through in my writing. It’s like that old “On the internet no one knows you’re a dog” meme.

That’s about all I can think of at the moment. I’m gonna take a nap, maybe come up with something else to say.

See you later,

Jeff Rodgers (6-1-2018)


Meaningless Noise or: The Day I’ve decided to Stop Worrying and Maybe Just Write on My Blog More…..again

Today (or rather two days ago) marks the day that I’ve started to regret my presence online. Specifically with blogs. The first blog I ever made was on OpenDiary back in 2007 or so. The site was shut down in 2014 (then relaunched early this year, apparently?) so the actual “diary” is not there anymore. (Sidenote: back when OpenDiary was a thing it was known as a community of diary writers, which makes absolutely no sense to me. Diaries are meant to be private last I checked so why would anyone share their diaries? Whatever.)

The second blog that I ever made was on Blogger. It lasted for a while and I posted video game reviews. All of the posts were essentially Zero Punctuation knock-offs. I eventually deleted all of the posts and all that’s there now is just two posts. I might just delete it altogether now that I’m writing about it.

The third “blog” I have is a Tumblr. I say have and is but it’s literally just become….well nothing really. Meaningless noise that goes nowhere, speaks to no one, and doesn’t really do much beyond putting something into the extremely dense waters of the massive data stream of the internet.

This one, the one on WordPress, is probably the only one aside from Blogger that I had attempted to actually keep updated and going for an amount of time. Everytime I come back I always feel like I have to come up with an excuse for not writing on it for so long. Each time I come up with this dumb excuse-ridden post I’m always ashamed for writing it. Are all my posts going to be excuses of why I haven’t been writing posts for a while?May as well change the title of this blog to “What’s Your Excuse?” and make up lists of excuses of why I haven’t written.

Maybe I should do that for fun. Something for another day.

Anyways. In thinking about this blog I’ve been deciding on whether I should delete all my posts and start over. Maybe I should hide all my old posts instead? That way if I want to I can just unprivate them if I decide to show anyone? It’s possible to do it.

Eh, I’ll think about it.

For now though I’m gonna just write more posts throughout the summer. I hope to have clearer plan at some point in the future.

I’m gonna stop here, I’m getting hungry.

Jeff Rodgers (5-20-2018)

I remember 2017 like it was fourteen days ago

Do you remember the good old days? I do. I remember when everything was fine and nothing terrible happened and there were a lot of lovely smelling flowers and everyone was happy. Though that may be the lack of sleep talking. First week back at college has been a little rough, but I’m keeping in high spirits. I’m going to keep this post how I like my power naps: short and sweet.

I’m working on the anthology, slowly but surely (story of my life).

I’ve made a new year’s resolution to use social media more (again, story of my life). I’ve made a few tweets earlier in the year and will continue to do so throughout. I will leave my twitter handle at the end of this and subsequent posts.

That’s pretty much it. See you around!

Listening to a shithole spewing hatred,
Jeff Rodgers (1-13-2018)

Roy Moore lost and Net Neutrality will make a come back

2017 has been annoyingly slow for me it seems. I incidentally took a three month hiatus from making any posts except for the occasional political retweet and reblog. Hell I don’t think I’ve ever made an original tweet this year. Part of the reason for this was because of school which is finally over for now. I was at one point going to make a series of tweets outlining my anxieties revolving around social media and the current political climate, but that was thrown out the window. When I wrote it it was written in frustration and anger. A lot of that anger being related to the feeling of not having gotten anything done over the past year. I’d rather not subject you, dear reader, nor myself to something which I’ll regret posting later on. Instead of feeling shitty and thinking about what I didn’t get done I decided to force myself to take a look at what I have done over the past few years, maybe get some perspective.

I’ve always had a problem with anxiety and depression from when I was younger. It’s sometimes impossible for me to get rid of the extremely dark, monotonous, grey clouds that cover my vision. It’s a terrible condition. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that I had gotten more done this year than I thought I did. I’ve made eleven posts into my journal and five pieces of art, plus I worked on my writing skills while in school. In looking back I’ve decided to make an small anthology of the artwork and stories that I’ve made. The purpose of this is to try and keep myself positive and focused on what I want to do. Another way I’m trying to keep positive is reminding me of the good things that happened recently (thus the title of this post).

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be writing some stuff, making plans, and readying my body for 2018.

Here’s hoping everything goes well, both mentally and in general!

Jeff Rodgers (12-21-2017)

Hoar(d): Typewritten for your viewing pleasure

[The last post I made had about over forty or so images so I’m going to try something a little different this time around]

I’ve been a little busy over the past couple weeks. I had a mid-term for my interdisciplinary studies class that was coming up which required studying, which required time; something I seem to struggle with at times (even when I have loads of time that I can use to be productive). I’m getting better at managing time than last year. Last year, even the year before, you could find me in my room, not studying for anything, watching YouTube videos or playing Minecraft all night. I still do that now, but I finally have my priorities straight.

Speaking of priorities, I need to stop spending money on random things. Today (July 17) I bought David Sedaris’ When You’re Engulfed in Flames. I have an entertainment center filled (and I mean filled) with books I have not opened or touched in months, maybe years. I have random assortments of items that I have been collecting for reasons that have been lost over time. I feel like a hoarder. Is this what hoarders are like? Do hoarders buy random things and collect them?

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America describes hoarding as follows:

“Hoarding is the compulsive purchasing, acquiring, searching, and saving of items that have little or no value.”

They go on to describe certain behaviors that a hoarder has like:

– avoids throwing away possessions

– experiences sever anxiety about discarding possessions

– has trouble making decisions about organizing possessions

– feels overwhelmed or embarrassed by possessions

– suspicious of other people

– obsessive thoughts

– checking the garbage

– believing that their possessions will be useful in the future, have sentimental value, or are irreplaceable.

I’m overthinking it probably now that I’m looking at the list. Still, there are ways for people to start out as a hoarder…no, I’m overthinking it.


I guess it’s because I’m a college student living on campus. When you live on campus you start needing things you previously didn’t. For example, I own a stapler which requires staples. The only thing I staple is essays (and manuscripts on occasion) which I write every year at a rate which requires staples and a stapler. Maybe I’m not used to not needing things that I think I need things that don’t really need? Who the hell knows.

All I know is that I need to start saving money. I’m sure there’s an argument to be had about being young and making mistakes or something, I don’t think that applies to spending money. I could be wrong. Perhaps there’s something to the argument where if I buy things that make me happy there’s at least some value to buying it. At least that justifies my buying of David Sedaris.

Jeff R. (7/17/2017)